Generating taglines can be challenging, infuriating… and incredibly satisfying. I love to brainstorm an Elevator Pitch and a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for a business, then turn those USPs into taglines that make a service memorable. These are some of the taglines I came up with:

Business: PeepSo

Tagline: “Your Community. Your Way.”(™)

Facebook dominates online communities. It sets the rules, controls the look and feel, and it watches everything. With PeepSo, my social networking plugin for WordPress, users can build exactly the community they want. This tagline is also trademarked.

Business: Urban Springs

Tagline: “Water The Way Nature Intended”

Natural water is energized, revitalized, hydrating, healthy and dynamic. It doesn’t run through rusty pipes and it’s not contaminated with pollutants. At Urban Springs we bring water back to its original state, the way nature intended.

Business: LookBetterOnline

Tagline: “Better Photos. Better Dates.”

It says it all, doesn’t it? We offered photography services to online daters all over the US and Canada to help them find higher quality dates. They received five times more hits on their profiles according to the JDate executives we worked with.