My Expertise

Project Management

I’ve managed teams ranging from a single individual to groups of up to 25. Many employees have said I was the best boss they ever had because I treat people with respect, encourage growth, and help them excel. I set high standards and provide opportunities for learning and improvement, fostering pride and motivation.

I understand that people have different personalities and skills, so I match them with roles that align with their strengths and interests. Instead of forcing someone into an ill-suited role, I assign tasks they enjoy and excel at. I don’t micromanage; I trust my team to work independently and create a harmonious environment where everyone can thrive. This approach ensures high-quality work and makes team members feel valued and fulfilled.

Running Remote Teams

I’ve worked with remote teams since 2000. Clear communication, trust, and the right tools are essential for productivity and cohesion across time zones and cultures. Effective remote management starts with selecting self-motivated, disciplined individuals and providing clear expectations and feedback. I use various tools for project management, communication, and file sharing to keep everyone connected and informed. Regular virtual meetings help maintain team unity and project progress.

I emphasize a positive and inclusive remote work culture, encouraging team members to share ideas and collaborate. This approach has been key to the success of my ventures, enabling diverse professionals to deliver high-quality results.

UX Design

I’ve designed and produced over 20 web applications, from dating sites and eLearning platforms to photography scheduling tools, advertising apps, and social networks. These applications have won awards and earned user loyalty and satisfaction.

My passion for UX design drives me to create seamless, intuitive, and user-friendly experiences. I pay close attention to flow and usability, ensuring software is accessible and easy to use. By providing developers with detailed specifications, I allow them to focus on writing clean, sustainable code. This approach ensures that every project delivers exceptional results, delighting users and meeting their needs.


Building systems that optimize business operations is incredibly satisfying. Effective automation and streamlined processes enhance productivity, reduce errors, and allow teams to focus on more strategic tasks. My experience with automation and system optimization has consistently delivered high-quality results, improved efficiency, and fostered customer trust and loyalty.


I’ve successfully outsourced a wide range of tasks, including programming, graphic design, personal assistance, and more. With a keen eye for talent and a knack for negotiating the best prices, I excel at finding the right people for any project. While platforms like can provide numerous bids for a project, selecting the right candidate can be challenging. Over the past 20 years, I’ve maintained a 95% success rate in choosing top-notch resources, many of whom I have rehired multiple times.

My ability to spot a good prospect, even without reviews, sets me apart. Outsourcing is an art form, and it’s one I’ve mastered through experience and a deep understanding of what makes a candidate truly exceptional. I can help you navigate the complexities of outsourcing, ensuring you find the best talent to meet your project’s needs.

AI Utilization

AI is another essential tool in my toolbox that helps me perform my job better. I have been utilizing AI tools since the very beginning of generative AI, experimenting with and gaining experience across a vast array of tools. My familiarity with most of the prominent AI tools allows me to be more efficient, optimized, and faster in my work.

I use AI for a wide range of tasks, from brainstorming best UX practices and copywriting to evaluating resumes and creating knowledge bases. AI assists me in every aspect of my work, enabling me to streamline processes and enhance productivity. By leveraging AI effectively, I can deliver high-quality results more quickly and with greater precision. This integration of AI into my workflow not only boosts my efficiency but also ensures that I stay at the forefront of technological advancements, continuously improving and refining my approach.

Testing Automation

When I ran JomSocial, a complex social networking application for Joomla CMS, I implemented automation testing that allowed us to run thousands of tests in just a few hours with a single click. We were the first to use automation in this way within the Joomla environment, and it made a significant impact.

Instead of releasing buggy software for customers to test, we thoroughly tested every version, whether minor or major, before release. This approach not only saved us hours of manual testing and reduced support requests but also significantly improved customer satisfaction. Customers appreciated the reliability and quality of the software, knowing it had been rigorously tested.

Usability Testing

Usability testing has been shown to double ROI, yet many companies overlook it. Even large firms face significant usability issues. I teach people how to conduct usability tests and occasionally perform them myself for my own creations or other businesses. It’s an underrated but essential aspect of software development that ensures a seamless user experience and prevents costly errors.


Entrepreneurs sometimes wear lots of hats. We don’t just dream up ideas and manage teams. We need to promote the company, choose the design, build the brand, and do a whole lot more. Often, when the job is small and time is short, it’s easiest to do it yourself.  So I’ve learned a few basic skills. I can say that I know a lot about them but I can’t say that they are my expertise. Others know them better. So I know when a logo is good, but I don’t design them myself. I know and understand marketing but I’ll happily leave it to people who actually enjoy doing it. I find branding hard work, but I can do it if I put my mind to it. Web design is easier with tools like WordPress and Divi Builder, so I can create a good website, but I know others can do it better.

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