In addition to my own projects, I sometimes take on others’ projects. They’re usually related to self-development and spirituality:

Tanglewood Wellness Center – The center’s recently renovated website was slow and not user friendly. The buttons took people to the wrong place and emphasized the wrong things. The confusing structure meant that people felt they needed to ask questions before they placed their order, costing the owner time and payments. I put together a plan to automate the business using InfusionSoft automated emails. I also made the website more user-friendly, eliminating unnecessary questions and increasing the conversion rate.

Merav turned my poorly-functioning website Ito something that not only looks great, but it also functions as well as possible, too. And while Merav knows more about how to make a website function well than anyone I’ve ever met, she also has an amazing team to do whatever needs to be done and she knows how to make things in a way that so many of us would benefit from learning. Thank you, Merav, for an amazing job!

Loren Lockman

Director, Tanglewood Wellness Center – When I met Mynoo Maryel, the wonderful spiritual guru, she had many ideas and a huge vision, but no Web presence. Working together, I was able to create a comprehensive online presence for her, with a store to sell her video clearing products. I also created and implemented a social media “Thought of the Day” strategy. Putting her broad vision into a coherent website was my most challenging project to date.

Merav created the Mynoo Maryel web platform and also the website for the World Dignity Forum.  Her business acumen combined with diligent and rigorous project management abilities were the key to the work getting done in time and delivering what was intended as a business.  She is gifted and in tune with what is the need of the moment within the over all context of what the business is about.  This ensures that we receive the business benefits and personal satisfaction from the work she undertakes.  I am grateful for the privilege to have worked with her and will do so again anytime.

Mynoo Maryel

Founder, – My favorite psychic and friend, Lynn Key, had no web presence when I met her ten years ago. Her website allows people to book sessions with her online, enabling her to make a living from psychic reading.

When I first started my business Merav basically held my hand and then ran with with our ideas to create an incredible website! She also connected me with several social media sources, which propelled my business to the next level. I hadn't ever received so many compliments on my site, regarding it's ease of use and simple elegance. I highly recommend Merav! She is an amazing woman wonderful person, and savvy entrepreneur.

Lynn Kay

WorldDignityForum –  I took a website that was heavy and not optimized for selling event tickets, kept the overall look but made it a lot event-centric and user-friendly. By using a simplified WordPress event plugin, I eliminating the need for a third party application such as Eventbrite. – I built this website for my PSYCH-K mentor Ian Spicer. I took the site from a one-pager made in FrontPage to a fully functional platform that allows people to order their PSYCH-K course online. I’ve also created and edited videos for Ian, delivering testimonials and information about PSYCH-K. The online presence of his business went from 0 to a 10 overnight.