About Merav Knafo

I’m an award-winning UX designer, project manager, and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in building and launching businesses. Over the last two decades, I’ve started six companies and successfully sold five of them. My expertise spans software development, usability testing, UX design, and product management, with a strong focus on creating complex yet user-friendly applications.

Currently, I am living in Bali and running a new startup called Makyo, a no-code platform that simplifies the creation of progressive web apps (PWAs). Makyo empowers small businesses, organizations, and enterprises to develop high-quality PWAs rapidly, without any coding knowledge. My passion for UX design drives my work at Makyo, where we emphasize user experience, performance, and robustness.

As a product person, I have a proven track record of managing remote teams, leading high-performing projects, and implementing user-centric solutions. My ability to streamline operations through automation and efficient systems has been a key factor in the success of my ventures. I excel in executing plans and creating projects that not only meet market needs but also achieve commercial success.

Core Expertise

  • UX Design & Product Management: Creation and production of over 20 award-winning web applications.
  • Project Management: Leading diverse teams and fostering a culture of respect and motivation.
  • Remote Team Management: Ensuring productivity and high-quality outcomes across continents.
  • Systems & Operations: Focusing on automation to improve business performance.
  • Usability Testing: Optimizing user experience and maximizing ROI.
  • Outsourcing: Securing top talent at competitive rates.
  • Additional Skills: QA procedures, SEO expertise, strategic marketing, branding, and web design.

My journey has been driven by a passion for making meaningful impacts through innovative solutions and a commitment to excellence in user experience and product development.