Project Management

For most of my career I’ve been the founder, the CEO, and also the project manager, overseeing the work of as many as 25 designers, developers, and customer service staff. In 2015, I stepped back. I trained two members of my team to take over the project management while I focused on higher level strategy.

At heart though, I am still a project manager. I have the clarity, the discipline, and the drive to take a project from an idea to completion. Whether I’m building software, developing a natural shampoo, or planning an event, the principles are the same: the communication has to be clear and efficient, delivered with the appropriate tools, according to specs that are neat and precise, and the project management tool should see movement every day.

I’ve taken on some very messy projects and turned them around in record time. It happens by instilling proper work practices, by establishing systems and communication tools, and by understanding the team members’ strengths and weaknesses to bring out their best.

Notable Projects