Project Management & UX

For most of my career, I’ve been the founder, the CEO, and also the project manager, overseeing the work of as many as 25 designers, developers, and customer service staff.

I have the clarity, the discipline, and the knowledge to take a project from an idea to completion. Whether I’m building software, developing a natural deodorant or building a spa, the principles are the same: the communication has to be clear and efficient, delivered with the appropriate tools, according to specs that are neat and precise.

I’ve taken on some very messy projects and turned them around in record time. It happens by instilling proper work practices, by establishing systems and communication tools, and by understanding the team members’ strengths and weaknesses to bring out their best.

User experience (UX) design has always been at the core of my work. I am passionate about creating intuitive, engaging, and effective interfaces that enhance user satisfaction and drive product success. Over the years, I have honed my skills in UX design by working on a wide range of projects, from web applications to mobile apps, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards of usability and functionality.

For me, UX design is about understanding the user’s needs and expectations, and then translating those insights into a seamless, enjoyable experience. I believe that good UX design should make technology accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical proficiency. This philosophy has guided my work on various platforms, including Joomla and WordPress, where I have developed solutions that are not only powerful but also easy to use.

In my career, I have led UX design projects that required close collaboration with designers, developers, and stakeholders. I ensure that the design process is user-centered, involving extensive usability testing, iterative design, and continuous feedback loops. My approach focuses on clear communication, precise specifications, and the use of appropriate tools to deliver high-quality results.

I take pride in my ability to turn complex requirements into simple, elegant designs. Whether it’s a web application, a mobile app, a physical product or a brick and mortar business, my goal is to create experiences that delight users and drive business success. By leveraging my deep understanding of user behavior and my commitment to design excellence, I have consistently delivered products that exceed expectations and achieve their objectives.