Profiling Tools

The more we get to know ourselves and others, the more understanding and compassion we can have, and the better the relationships we can create. Over the years I’ve taken a number of profile tests. I’ve found that some of them can be extremely effective—and even essential when creating teams.

Wealth Dynamics

I ask every person who works for me to take the Wealth Dynamics test. It tells me exactly who they are and where their strengths lie. If the test shows that they are a “mechanic” or a “lord,” I know they’ll be a perfect fit for creating systems or for engineering, but they won’t be great for customer service or marketing. If the test shows they are a “supporter,” I know they’ll be great with people. They’ll do fine in customer service or leading teams. Each of the eight profiles the test produces tells me so much about them.

You can take the test here ($97)

My Profile: Lord

Myers Briggs

This was my first personality test. I took it in 2005 and I’m amazed at how accurate it remains, despite how much I’ve changed and evolved since then. At my core I am still the same.

The purpose of the Myers-Briggs is to make the theory of psychological types described by C. G. Jung understandable and useful in people’s lives. The theory is that what looks like random variation in behavior is actually orderly, consistent, and due to basic differences in the ways that individuals use their perception and judgment.

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My Profile: INTJ (“The Architect”)

The 5 Love Languages

This deceptively simple test can reveal so much about your relationship and communication style. It’s not just for romantic relationships; it reveals any human interaction. How you show appreciation is usually how you like to receive it.  Some people like to give and receive compliments and encouraging words (“Words of Affirmations”) while others prefer giving and receiving gifts. If you know someone’s love language is “Act of service,” you can deepen your relationship with them by doing something for them. Even just making them a cup of tea can make them feel appreciated. If someone’s love language is “Quality Time,” spending time with them (and without looking at your mobile phone) will do the job. I’ve seen relationships transformed with the knowledge of love languages.

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