Urban Springs

Co-Founder & CEO

This was my latest start-up, and I was excited about it! We planned to put thousands of water refill stations all over Europe and the US. Our water was meant to be treated with a proprietary process that turns any city tap water into fresh, natural spring water. We aimed to help end the harm caused by plastic bottles while providing consumers with fresh, healthy water. Unfortunately this project has ended for various reasons.




I created a collection of hydrating skin and hair care products from Israel, some made with camel milk. Sold on Amazon, the products are almost 100% natural, without compromising on quality. We aim to bring luxury to natural cosmetics.

Bali Secrets

Co-Founder & Project Manager

I co-founded Bali Secrets in 2015. We still have the best selling natural deodorant on Amazon. I was the company’s investor, project manager and business strategist. I sold my part in Bali Secrets in 2019.


Founder & CEO

Peepso is  a new social network on the WordPress platform. It competed directly with BuddyPress and went on to become the leading social networking application on the platform. I built the app from scratch and sold it in 2017.



Owner & CEO

I acquired JomSocial in 2013, and improved its operations, features, and customer satisfaction. The testing automation I implemented in JomSocial was the first in the Joomla environment. I sold JomSocial in 2017



Founder & CEO

I founded iJoomla in 2006 to create an easy way for small businesses to build their own online magazines. Joomla and WordPress were almost equally popular then, and the market was open and hungry. The company took off immediately, becoming famous for creating complex, professional-quality products that were easy to use. I’ve spoken at a number of notable Joomla and open source events over the years. I sold iJoomla in 2017.


Co-founder & CTO

I co-founded LookBetterOnline in 2003 to help online daters improve their results. We partnered with large dating sites including,, and—and photographed more than 12,000 people. The company was featured in publications including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Good Morning America and more. I sold LookBetterOnline in 2018.

Founder & Tester

I’m a big flag-waver for usability testing. It’s crucial and underused, and I want to see more companies putting it into their workflow. So for a few years I offered usability testing services to anyone who needed them. I recently closed down this service to focus on other ventures but I still receive requests from time to time, and I’m happy to help when I can.


When I’m not building companies, managing teams, testing usability, or developing automation systems, I’m most likely thinking or writing about spirituality. I manage a blog called that covers practical spiritual tools. I haven’t marketed the blog and I don’t promote it but some articles receive over a million views.

Cropping Tool


I’ve created this tool years ago and it was way ahead of the curve! Our technologically advanced AI algorithms can crop close to 90% of all images that have a “human face” — blurry and fuzzy photos as well as clear ones. For the past 15 years, we have been working with one of the largest dating networks and our tool automatically crops over 20 million photos each year, saving them enormous amount of time and money.